Crafting A Legacy: 40 Years of Collecting & Exhibiting at the Metal Museum FEB. 3 - MAY 12, 2019

In honor of its 40th Anniversary, the Metal Museum presents an exhibition of past, current, and future Master Metalsmiths and Tributaries artists, who represent both the heights of achievement and the promising future of the metals field. As the Metal Museum continues to build a renowned repository of contemporary metal art, collecting the works of artists from these two important series reflects the commitment to document and preserve the field. While individual artists are busy crafting their personal artistic legacies, the Metal Museum has spent its first 40 years crafting its own institutional legacy through its dedication to those artists, their processes, and ultimately their love of metal.

List of Tributaries Artists: John Rais David Clemons Jeffrey Clancy Haley Bates Sylvie Rosenthal Nathan Dube Jillian Moore Jessica Calderwood Susan Myers Andy Cooperman Marc Maiorana Stacey Lee Webber Lola Brooks Marlene True Lauren Kalman Chris Irick Andrew Hayes Karin Jones Gabriel Craig Susie Ganch Kirk Lang Vivian Beer Seth Gould Stephen Yusko Cozette Phillips Caitie Sellers Zachery Lechtenberg Venetia Dale Tanya Crane Jill Baker Gower

Vitreous Voices: The Enamel Tradition of East Carolina University

Vitreous Voices, curated by Bob Ebendorf and Barbara McFadyen, is an exhibition of enameled works highlighting East Carolina University’s enameling tradition begun by Linda Darty. Vitreous Voices honors 36 years of enameling at ECU as it recognizes the leaders who initiated the program as well as those who have carried its traditions forward. The exhibition includes works from 23 ECU alumni and 5 distinguished professors.

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